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Booking in

You the client get in touch telling me what you are after and when. I get back to you with any questions and we can talk talk on the phone about the shoot. In the majority of jobs, there is a cheap and expensive option.



Once you have booked me in, we go into pre production. For those on a tight budget, producing the shoot yourself is the easiest way to cut budget. I am happy to talk you through some of the necessary steps and discuss ideas in a meeting before a shoot.

Pre-production can include any of the following depending on the scale of the clients needs: booking kit, assistants, locations scouting, designers, set props, backdrops, chairs, make-up artists, costume. The top end of this scale could involve a pre-light day, multiple location scouting, a test shoot and preliminary retouching.


We shoot. Shoot days can vary in length. But this is us working together to get the images you need. In general I look to shoot 1 set-up an hour, unless you want documentary photography, where we are following the world, rather than creating it.

Post production

First of all, I go through and select images, balance up the colours and make any adjustments I need to. Then I send them onto you – usually via drop box. Once you get back to me with your selects, I polish the chosen images, retouch and return them to you in the agreed file sizes.


Stylist Live, Stylist Live, Ice and Fire Theatre, Birmingham Rep and The Park Theatre, Nickelodeon, Inmarsat (satellite navigations), LAMDA, McCann Bespoke Tailors, Immerse.

Portraits: Jim Broadbent, Lucian Msamati, Ricky Gervais, Game of Thrones’ Hayley Atwell and Iain Glen.

My photos have appeared in The Independent and Conde Nast Traveler, amongst other publications.



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