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If your reading this then its my initial thoughts, your literary getting an unedited view inside my head…


I shoot headshots because I like actors. Genuinely. I think they’re fascinating.

I have always loved portrait photography – it’s an education in photographic skill, and human nature – from the way the light falls on an individuals face, to what it is I can do to bring the most out of them?

After several years working as a headshot photographer, I’ve learnt that actors find it easy to play character, but getting a good headshot is about dropping character and revealing your essence. It’s then my job to capture this in a single frame.

I take my time with a headshot. As well as getting to know you, we spend time discussing what you’re looking for in a your headshot, which usually helps to got over any camera nerves. We’ll discuss your playing age, casting range and ambitions. You may want to select some images you like in advance of the shoot, which I can look through to see where you’re coming from.

I do three packages. The Basic headshot package, The American/PR package or the Top Up package (for returning clients).

The Basic package is everything and more you would expect from a headshot package. I shoot either in my purpose built studio in Leyton, on location, or a mixture of both.


The American/PR package, is for anyone who is working with a US or US-focused agents, a PR manager, or for those who are regularly featured in the press. The images may suit industry sites like IMDb Pro, Spotlight or personal websites.

Book here.

The Top Up package is for actors who I’ve shot in the past 12 months or for actors who are more experienced in front of the lens, are happy to keep the shoot to 2 outfits, and can be shot quickly. If you feel like a top-up session would work for you.

Book here. (£220)

More specific PR shoots can be arranged for shoots that involves production. Rates from £450.

Book a headshot here or get in touch if you’d like to discuss working together – jon@jonholloway.co.uk.


Men, if you want shaven and unshaven, come with a beard and a razor and you can shave halfway through the shoot. Bring concealer and powder if you need it. These are great for anyone who has a bit of shine – https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/371404853012?chn=ps&dispItem=1&adgroupid=49150986128&rlsatarget=pla-327951017485&abcId=1129006&adtype=pla&merchantid=7450654&poi=&googleloc=9044959&device=c&campaignid=861364963&crdt=0

Women, you can do your own make-up, but if you’re not hugely confident, I’d recommend booking in a make-up artist. The most effective make-up is one we won’t notice, or make-up that feel entirely you. A good make up artist will pull out your best features and will also help you feel great about the shoot. The same for hair, if you are confident, that’s great, but if your hair is difficult, you can book in for a blow dry before you arrive. I retouch the final chosen images, but in my retouch, we will keep the texture to your skin – it’s a part of you – but of course I’ll get rid of any impermanent blemishes.



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I shoot headshots at my purpose built studio in my garden in East London, on location or a mixture of both.
In my studio, I have complete control of the light, and the weather. You also have somewhere to change, shave, do your hair, iron and generally sort yourself out. There’s tea, coffee and water on tap, which makes for a calm shoot. Having said that, when I go on location, I choose locations with public amenities nearby, so wherever we go I’m happy, and it’s up t you what kind of shoot you’d like. Make a note when you book.
I also have a number of location houses I can book for individual or group PR session.


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