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Welcome my portfolio site. Its currently under construction but this bit will be all about headshot. like this site is now –


If your reading this then its my initial thoughts, your literary getting an unedited view inside my head….


I like take my time with a headshot although I could do it inside 20 minuets if I had to its so nice to take our time. It’s great having a chat over a cup of coffee and getting to know who I’m about to take pictures of. Not just what they are looking for in a headshot what makes them tick. This usually helps my subjects got over some of those camera nerves.


Obviously photography is about a lot of technical stuff, although very important it try not to get all fussy about the geeky stuff and concentrate on you. I find that the best moments can be captured when there is a connection and some fun being had between myself and who I’m photographing. This isn’t compulsory but it helps.


I shoot In my own perpous built daylight studio in my garden (it’s more than a shed) I use a mixture of daylight and artificial light. It all depends on the light outside and how it effects the way you look. I’m also more than happy to go outside if requested and the weather permits.


Good headshots come being relaxed, the actor knowing and being comfortable with themselves. They come from play, listening and a bit of work. Then they become effortless and we get great results.


I (like every photographer) have a perticular style. When I shoot headshots I like them to be honest. If you have a headshot from me it will look like you. Which means know one should ever be disappointed when you meet them for the first time,you look like your headshot. On that not,I do retouch my images but I like to keep it to minimum, I will keep the texture to your skin, it’s a part of you. But of cors I’ll get rid of your spots.


How a headshot session works…


hears a temporary comp of some headshots



FAQ’s from headshots site



I shoot at my purpose built studio in East London. Inside I have complete control of the light and you have somewhere to change, shave, do your hair, iron and generally sort yourself out. There’s tea, coffee and water on tap, which makes for a much nicer shoot.



Do some research, work out what you want and look up images that inspire you. You can email those to me in advance.

Get a good night’s sleep. Prepare your clothes, choose two or three tops with varying neck-lines and in different colours. Don’t be afraid of pattern or texture, they can help reflect personality in a sea of black v-necks. You can always keep the tags. Women – you may want to wear heels – they make you stand up.



Reluctantly my advice is different for men and women.

Men, if you want shaven and unshaven, come with a beard and a razor and you can shave halfway through the shoot. Bring concealor and powder if you need it.

Women you can do your own make up and some of you should, however if you are not hugely confident or think you might need help I’d reccommend booking a make-up artist. The most effective make up is make up you won’t notice – think about it you sit in a make up chair for a hour before being ill in Holby. A make up artist will pull out your best features and will also help you feel great about the shoot.

The same for hair, if you are confident then that’s great but you can book in for a blow dry before you arrive – there is a hairdresser down the road called The Garden Rooms and Dean the hairdresser used to wok in fashion, so he does a mean blowdry. Again take him ideas, so he has a reference to work from.

Bring along, hair products, grips, bobbles, curling tongs, straighteners etc



Yes, I try to keep people looking as natural as possible and avoid blurring the skin – you know the alien look I’m talking about – but I get rid of spots, blemishes, bags, reduce lines etc because in moving image, these are less visible.


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