My Studio

After two year of planning, moving house and designing, my studio has finally been built – a very exciting time – I finally have the perfect space in which to work, shoot, test and play. Here are a few shots of the build. From digging, to the concrete pour, construction, the huge 3m x 1m window going in, and the beautiful hand cast concrete tiles. The build was run as part of Construction Week 2015 working with students from UEL, learning to construct a timber framed building and concrete casting, among many other things. The team at Studio Bark have poured there hearts, souls and creative energy into the build. So for now I’m holding off on the final shots until the garden landscaping is done and I can take a photo that will do the studio justice. If you want to see the finished building, for now you will have to book in for a portrait session. It lives up to it’s name The Holloway Lightbox.