Lucian Msamati

Lucian was an absolute joy to work with, he came knowing exactly what he wanted but left a lot up to me, saying I was the expert. When he left I not only had a great set of images but felt more knowledgeable about both life and work. What a guy.

Ian Glen

Rupert Evans

Zoe Tapper

Kobna Holdbrook-Smith

Kellie Shirley

  Kellie is not only an awsome actress, she is also fantastic to work with. She knows exactly what she wants, which makes things move pretty fast. Kellie dyed her hair for a job and then dyed it back so I took her headshots twice within a few months. Obviosally I was wery generous with a discount. She wanted her headshots to remain current. Kellie mentioned at the start of the session that she wanted something a little moodier on a dark background so we had a play around to find out what works for her. Kellie in now a natural blonde.   

Laurie Davidson

Laurie was great to work with and in the short time since Graduating from LAMDA has done some amazing work including staring as William Shakespeare in a new saries; Will - A drama about the lost years of young William Shakespeare after his arrival to London in 1589 -- when theatre was like rock and roll.

Babou Ceesay

After playing Lewis’s sidekick in the final ever episodes of this long running series, Babou was asked for some PR shots for some national newspapers. Part of my job was to put together a series of ideas about the style of the shoot and then to offer up locations that would reflect both the programme and Babou’s career. These photos were shot at Wilton’s Music Hall, the home of Babou’s first job out of drama school - Max Stafford-Clark’s famous Macbeth. They appeared in The Guardian amongst other publications.   Babou has since been in some fantast projects such as - Guerrilla (miniseries) and Rogue One and has a fantastic career. Have a look here -  

Sharon Duncan-Brewster

Aaron Pierre

It was a pleasure taking Aaron’s Headshot. He asked me in advance if we could go outside which I was more than happy to do. Just five minuets away from my studio there is great quiet location where I can control the light outdoors.