Booking and Rates


My rates are £350 for a short shoot, £500 for a long shoot and £750 for a full day. Each job has it’s own unique requirements, and I enjoy working closely with each client to gauge exactly what the project requires. Feel free to drop me an email with what you’re after, or you’re more than welcome to book in below and we can work out the specific requirements closer to the shoot date.


At my studio or on location, up to 3 hours, upload to Dropbox within 48 hours, 3 images retouched


At my studio or on location, no time limit, individual images uploaded to Dropbox within 48 hours, images useful for IMDB Pro, press, online or portfolio etc, a second edit of 20 images (approx) to help agent/manager with selection, 4 images retouched

MAKEUP ARTIST – £80 – £200, dependent on the length of shoot and artist availability.

Student discount of 10% off all rates