money stuff…


Headshot rates from headshots site…



At my studio. 3 hour headshot shoot + emailed contact sheet within 48 hours + 3 images retouched in colour



At my studio. 3+ hour headshot shoot + mid shots + emailed contact sheet and individual images uploaded to dropbox within 48 hours + second edit of contact sheet of 20 (approx) images for help with agent selection + 6 images retouched


PORTRAIT, PR AND HEADSHOT – £450 + make-up artist artist fee

On location or at my studio. Full day shoot or therabouts. Portrait + mid-shot + images as discussed for IMDB, press, online or portfolio etc + emailed contact sheet and all images uploaded to dropbox within 48 hours + second edit of contact sheet for agent/manager/publicist + 8 images retouched


MAKEUP ARTIST – £80 – £200 

This depends on length of shoot and artists availability.



I require a £50 deposit to book a slot which is then held against the price of the shoot. If you need to rearrange and can rearrange within three weeks your deposit will still be valid. (This covers nursery fees for those who book and cancel last minute.)

Payment in advance or on the day by cash or bank transfer


Extra images retouched at £25 per image

Student discount of 10% off all rates


All other shoots….



My day rate usually ranges from £350 to £900, varying from shoot to shoot depending on a number of factors, including the scale of the project, the number of days, time spent on organisation, locations, kit hire, retouching and usage. It’s a sliding scale, but I like to work, so I’m open to all scales of project and I’m a fan of bartering. I have a strong relationships with a number of London’s leading designers, stylists and make up artists, and I’ll work with you to gauge exactly what your project requires.

If you’re a start-up with a limited budget don’t be put off – get in touch, even if it’s to chat through your expectations, and we’ll see what we can do. I understand the importance of building relationships over time and it’s always exciting to be part of a company’s dreams from the off.