Jon Holloway

Headshots + PR




I have worked as a photographer for over fifteen years; studying photography at art school and then working as a lighting designer alongside some of the best portrait and advertising photographers in the world.

For me a great portrait is about getting across the personality of the sitter. A headshot should be no different, in fact, it’s even more important that the personality of the actor reaches across the screen and grabs speaks to the director or casting director.

I’m always excited to see my clients work and many have got back to me to say that since they have had their headshot taken with me, they are being called in for more castings.

In the last year alone, actors I have shot have had leading roles in; BAFTA and OSCAR nominated feature films, in series’ for BBC, SKY, AMAZON, HBO, and ITV,  as well as leads at the National Theatre, The Young Vic, West End shows and The RSC amongst others. I really believe that a small part of this success is because of the honesty of my portraits, which can only come from collaboration and a connection between myself and you.  

My headshot sessions are between £350 and £500. Included in the fee, I will hand process your favourite images, re-touching where necessary. Sessions take place at my studio in Leyton or on location at the Barbican.

If you any questions, or if you would like to book a session, please send an email or book online. I’m also very happy to chat over the phone.



Studio or location

Up to 3hr shoos

Images sent via Wetransfer within 48hrs
3 retouched images

Portraits for Press, Spotlight, IMDB, Social Media, Portfolio


Studio or location

No time limit

I will sit with you and we can edit them together

I will retouch your final 3 images on the spot in front of you ready to upload immediately.

PR AND POSTERS - £350 - £700

Whether you are taking a show up to Edinburgh or shooting your first feature film, I am available to shoot poster images, on set stills or PR shots for your leading actors. I really enjoy this work so do get in touch to talk your project through. You can see examples of some posters here.


If I’ve taken your headshot in the last year or so and you have changed your look (haircut, beard, etc.) then we can do a quick session either on location or in the studio

2 outfits maximum.
2 retouched images


You may want to chose an extra image

I may think that one of your shots really works in Black and White and send it across but they are always possible you can request one if you like. But only, we wouldn't want me to do extra work on the computer. It takes time you know.

MAKEUP ARTIST £75 - £200

Dependent upon artist availability and shoot duration

Student Discount 10% (excluding make-up artists)