I enjoy working closely with my clients to gauge exactly what each project requires to reach its full potential. Feel free to drop me an email with what you’re after, or secure a booking HERE and we’ll discuss specific requirements closer to the shoot date.


A Glimpse into the Process



This can include any of the following depending on the scale of your need: booking kit, assistants, location scouting, designers, set props, backdrops, chairs, make-up artists, and costume.


The top end of this day can involve a pre-light day, multiple location scouting, a test shoot and preliminary retouching.



We shoot. This can vary in duration depending on the project. In general, I look to shoot one set-up an hour, unless you want documentary photography, where we are following the world rather than creating it - which can take longer.



I go through and select images, balance up the colours and make necessary adjustments. I then send the images to you, you make your selections, and then I polish the chosen images, retouch, and return to you in agreed file size.   



 £350 - Short Shoot

£500 - Long Shoot

£750 - Full Day



Want to see more? Have a look at projects. I may even have a job just like yours in my back catalogue, I could shoe you.