Buisness/Corporate Headshots

This is a business shoot that I did last month. Corporate headshots can be approached in many ways and I always like to bring my own style to every job along with incorporating any ideas that a client may have.

In this job we decided beforehand to use the furniture in the office in front of this background which was specially chosen for this job .

Together we also chose to move away from the traditional headshot a bit and create something a bit more portrait like.

Here are examples of the three slightly different thing we did.

Something different

Traditional headshots

A more relaxed style

These pictures were all taken in the offices of the client in one day when people were available between meetings etc.

They have also employed someone else since and sent them along to my East London studio to have a quick shoot to ad to the others. Here are some of them.


For a shoot of this nature it usually costs £750 for the day plus expenses of travel, food and the price of the new backdrop. That's it.

On a side note; none of these pictures have been retouched, I am happy to take out spots and do bits of retouching but in a post Weinstein world I think we can all do our bit to look great and real at the same time.

I would love to work with you on your projects so please do get in touch.

Jon Holloway